I will always work to protect your Constitutional rights, including the 2nd Amendment. I will fight for small business and fiscally conservative policies. I will bring common sense and a blue collar approach to state government for the common good of all of West Virginia and the Eastern Panhandle.

Below are some issues important in our state and some of the bullet points I feel we should concentrate on. I welcome your comments!


  • Comprehensive tax review
  • Removal of taxes on Social Security and Retirement Income
  • Removal of equipment and inventory tax (phased out over a 5-
    year period to gauge economic rebound. Also to find a
    a revenue stream to replace the 82% of this tax that went
    toward education.)


  • Curriculum review
  • Pay raises for teachers (also see PEIA category below)
  • Removal of common core and its renamed counter parts.
  • More scholarship and funding opportunities for
    vocational/technical schools and education (not a totally free education concept, but a plan that requires recipients to have some responsibility toward their education)



  • 3-point approach
    • Education of young people starting in elementary school and going through to high school level
    • Law enforcement - eradicating the dealers and keeping the drug flow out of our area. Strong law enforcement
      presence is needed to arrest dealers and traffickers
    • Treatment facilities (private/public/religious) - I believe our area needs a treatment facility in the Eastern Panhandle that should probably be a private/public venture.



  • Comprehensive review is needed so that our state employees,
  • who are already underpaid and under valued, can have a
    solid insurance program.
  • Should not be penalized for your families income and should not have to do additional work to get points accumulation to not be penalized at year end.
  • Explore once again locality pay for the Eastern Panhandle



The Eastern Panhandle is currently the economic driver for the
state. We need to have a strong delegation of senators and
delegates from the Eastern Panhandle working together to
ensure we are getting what we need and deserve.



The plan that China has to invest an estimated 83 billion dollars in to the natural gas industry in WV needs to be watched closely so it stays economically viable to the state and its residents.

Working to open up our state to more health insurance providers and supporting a federal option to open up state lines for health insurance markets.